Can I exchange honest diaper sizes?

We are always able to set up an exchange for any unopened products shipping within the contiguous United States. Our team will immediately ship out the size you need, and they will email you a prepaid return label to send back the smaller size.

Can you return Honest diapers to target?

If you are within the 90-day window and have the original receipt, you should be able to return opened diapers (including brands such as Huggies, Up&Up, Pampers, Luvs, and Honest) to Target for a full refund or exchange.

Do Honest diapers run big or small?

Honest diapers do tend to run small. Their size 4 diapers are comparable to size 3 Pampers Swaddlers, so you do have to be wary when choosing a size. When purchasing Honest diapers, it might be worth moving a size up just to be safe.

How do you cancel honest company diapers?

You may cancel your subscription(s) at any time. To cancel your subscription(s), you can do so online at any time (in your account settings) or by calling Honest Support at 1.888. 862.8818 Monday – Friday 5 AM – 5 PM Pacific.

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Can you exchange diapers for a different size without a receipt?

The good news is that almost all stores will exchange unopened packages of diapers for another size, even if you don’t have a receipt for the purchase. … Most packages of diapers are similar in price, so you usually won’t have to worry about paying more or getting a refund or store credit.

Can I exchange diapers for a different size at Walmart?

Can I Exchange Diapers At Walmart? If you are satisfied with the product but need a different size, then Walmart allows you to exchange diapers (including Parents Choice, Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, etc.) for a similar or the same product within 90 days.

Are honest diapers smaller than Pampers?

Like most other diapers on the market, Honest goes up to size 6, but some parents say they run small. For example, Honest size 4 diapers are comparable to size 3 Pampers Swaddlers, so you may need to move up a size.

Do honest diapers have an indicator?

The diapers are plant-based, made from naturally derived, sustainable materials. … There’s no wetness indicator, but because the super-thin diapers expand when they get wet, you’ll be able to tell right away when your baby is ready for a change.

Do honest diapers cause rashes?

Sensitive skin can react to chemicals used in the production of the diaper or from dyes, fragrances, lotions, or the leg cuff design of disposable diapers. The Honest diaper caused a repeated rash on one of our testers. One of our testers developed a rash when using Honest.

What size diapers do babies stay in the longest?

Your baby will wear size 3 diapers for the longest, and this should be the size diaper that you buy the most of. To help you plan, here is a good estimate of how many diapers babies need per size: Newborn – newborn diapers can be used for up to 1.5 months, you should purchase around 2 to 3 packs of 140 diapers.

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Why did Jessica Alba start the honest company?

She even ended up in Washington, DC., to lobby for updated legislation to reform the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act. After feeling impassioned to make a change in the industry, Alba decided to start her own business. She teamed up with Brian Lee, who had former startup experience with LegalZoom and

How do you know when a diaper is too small?

Examine a diaper in the current diaper size to see how it fits your baby. If you notice red marks around your baby’s upper legs and tummy from the elastic in the diaper, the diaper is likely too small. Additionally, if you notice that the diaper looks or feels too snug on your baby, it is likely too small.

How many diapers come in the Honest bundle?

How Many Diapers Come in a Pack? Disposable diaper packs can range in size from 4 to 70. At Honest, our diaper bundles include 70 disposable diapers in a variety of fun prints.

How many diapers does a newborn use a day?


Newborn Up to 10 lbs. 8–12 diapers per day
Size 1 8–14 lbs. 8–10 diapers per day
Size 2 12–18 lbs. 8–9 diapers per day
Size 3 16–28 lbs. 6–7 per day

How long does Honest take to ship?

All orders are processed within approximately 1 to 3 business days after the order is placed. Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed on the next business day and will ship within 1 to 3 business days. Please note that all processing times are estimates and may be subject to change.

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