Stella goes to school

Last Thursday was Stella’s first day of kindergarten!  She has been counting down the days all summer long and her day finally came.  She had her clothes laid out for a week and her backpack ready to go days in advance.  She is going to be such a great kindergartener.  Her teacher is a lucky one.  Stella is the sweetest, happiest girl.  She is so full of love and light and both radiate from her wherever she goes.

 Of course, everything is a little easier with a sister by your side.

Harlo spent the morning prepping Stella for everything she needed to know about kindergarten and was so excited to walk her to class.

After school, we picked her up and took her to lunch to hear all about it.  She was so happy she could hardly contain herself.  She told me that her teacher was nice, that she had recess and made one new friend!  Sweetest little thing. :)

Even though I got weepy most of the day, I am so happy for our little Kindergartener.  (And glad I don’t have to send Grae for a couple years! :) )


a word from the mother

This week I am settling into our new school schedule and preparing for Stella’s big first day tomorrow.  She has been counting down the days, and even fibbed to Brady on Sunday that the school had called and decided to start Kindergarten on Tuesday in stead of Thursday… ha!  I think she thought if she said it out loud, it might come true.  She was quite disappointed to find out that’s not how things work.

I always dread the ending of Summer, but find quickly that I do enjoy the routine of having school in session.  I miss my little girls when they’re away, but I remember it’s easier going grocery shopping minus one or two. 😉

I am trying (always) to get my house on a better routine as well.  Laundry is something I can never quite stay on top of.  A cousin of mine mentioned on Instagram that it was her favorite chore, so I quickly asked how she does it.  She does all her laundry on Monday, including folding and putting away.  She loves how accomplished she feels and doesn’t have to do it again for 6 more days.  I tried her method this week, spending my entire Monday folding and putting away my family’s clothes.  Every last basket was emptied and our drawers were filled.  It really was a great feeling, and one I hope I can stick to.

I have also kept good on my promise to have “home days” where I stay at home all day and don’t leave.  This means organizing my errands together so I’m not rushing out of the house everyday to do last minute things.  This has proven to be so much more productive, and has really slowed things down at our house, which we needed!

I wasn’t sure how I would mange being a mother of multiple children, with school schedules and after school activities, maintaining a household and a marriage.  There was a time that this life seemed so overwhelming to me, but I am finding that I really enjoy it.  My hands are busy with work that fills my tank right up.  That is a great feeling.

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Harlo’s first day of school 2015

Yesterday was the big day.  Harlo started first grade, which is the first year of all-day school here in Utah.  You can imagine, it’s a pretty big deal here for us at the Miller Manor.  For weeks I have dreaded sending Harlo away for full-day school.  I wish half day school was the norm forever, that would really be more my style. 😉

We picked out her first day outfit, went on a special date the day before school to chat about anything that was making her nervous (using the school bathroom) and things she was excited about (eating lunch at school) and all the things in between.  I realized that I have done a dang good job raising this one so far.  She is such a sweet and special little girl and she will do so well in first grade.

 Sweetest little toothless smile!

 The big moment! Please take care of my sweet girl!

When she got home I had a plate of warm cookies waiting that we could eat while she told me about her day.  She told me about her teacher who was really nice, a friend in her class she already knew and a new friend she made at recess.  She told me about lunch and how she shared her extra treat with someone who didn’t have one, and how she was brave and went to the bathroom and an older school girl helped her wash her hands.  She told me that she raised her hand to answer a question and got the answer right, and her teacher used her as an example for “arms folded, eyes ahead”.  She told me she helped with another boy at school who is big like her, but has a different kind of brain and was really nice.  I loved hearing every last detail.  Every cookie she finished I said, “Want another one?” I never wanted the moment to end.

My day was filled with tender mercies and I know God is looking out for us.  He has heard my many prayers offered and he is answering them one by one and extending His Grace all the way.  Somewhere between the weepy drop off, and the plate full of warm cookies, I realized that we are going to be just fine.


we sacrifice for what we love

For the last few weeks I have been distracting myself with various mind-consuming subjects, like lunch boxes (we’re using these), and school clothes (mostly shopped here) because my heart can’t handle thoughts of sending these babies of mine to school – especially Harlo who will now be going full days (insert weepy sob here).

Last night, after a long day, this reality hit me particularly hard.  My achy heart felt heavy.  I got onto instagram for my nightly distraction and I saw this beautiful quote on my dear friend Britney’s instagram feed.

“Do you know one reason why mothers love their children so much?  Because they sacrifice so much for them.  We love what we sacrifice for and we sacrifice for what we love.” 
-Ezra Taft Benson

It was a message directly to my heart.  I spent the rest of my night thinking about it.  I have sacrificed so much for my children – even if it hasn’t felt like much of a sacrifice.  I have sacrificed my work, time, energy, sleep, body, thoughts, prayers, and entire heart for these children.  I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life completely to them.  I have stayed awake at night worrying and praying over them, I have spent hours of my life preparing meals for them, I have spent every thought placing them before myself.  It has been a lot of work, and the most fulfilling work I’ve had.  That’s why it’s so hard for me to hand the reins over and trust their care to some one else, some place else than my loving home for the majority of their precious little days.

I am still licking my wounds from last year’s trials and wrestling with the Lord about what is right for this family of mine.  And I think I’ve had such a hard time deciding which school, which teacher, which path to take because none of them are my ideal.  I wish I had more time for care-free days at home.  I wish I could have been prepared for how quickly these days would come.  I wish I could pause time and keep them close and safe for just a little while longer.  But God is gently nudging me to let her go and spread her wings a bit – she’ll be home and safe soon, He reminds me.  She needs this time for herself, He guides.

So I will sacrifice my time of having them home with me, because I love them and will do what is best for them.  I will be so happy for them.  I will smile big for their first day of school with tears welling up in my eyes.  I will make cookies while they are gone and check the clock every few minutes until they arrive.  I will listen eagerly about their days when they come home, and kiss them and smother them with love and tell them how much I missed them while they were away.  I will do it because I am their mother, and I love them deeply.