simple blessings

This morning I woke bright and early while the rest of my house was sleeping to head to the grocery store because it was Apple Day at school, and I forgot to pick up any apples the day before.

I rolled out of my cozy bed and peeked in on all my sleeping lovies through the house.  My heart felt warm and cozy.  I slipped out to see the beautiful sunrise on an (almost) crisp morning.  I strolled through the quiet grocery store and thought a lot about where my life is today.  What a blessing.

I got the apples, and some donuts too.

I arrived home to lots of bedhead – my favorite.  I sliced the apples, and added some extra for a mother who may have forgotten (it was almost me, and I would have appreciated the help!).  I tucked homework packets in folders and apples in baggies and lunches in back packs.  I did quick pony tails and helped buckle shoes and half-way-ran to the bus before we they missed it.

This season of life is so simple, but so fulfilling.  Even slicing apples brings me joy.  What a blessing.




I am in a season of life where I am feeling rather proud.  I haven’t always been this confident in my life.  For years I felt insecure about being a young mother and the decisions I was making because they were vastly different than other girls my age at the time.  But now I just feel proud.  Here are somethings I am proud of:

I am proud that at the very tender age of 19, I married, and even before my 20th birthday, I became a mother.
I am proud that at the very tender age of 21, I gave birth to my second daughter after just two short years of marriage.
I am very proud that even though I was a very young mother, I was a very good mother.  Age had nothing on me!
I am proud that I taught myself new skills in those trying years as a new family.  Some of those skills include: cooking, decorating, photography, baby food making, baby making, blogging, running a small business, cleaning, crafting, and how to be a wife and mother – which are very overwhelming things to learn.
I am proud that I made the choice to be different and make different choices in my life to better myself and my family.
I am proud that I have learned to put my family first.
I am proud that I have a flourishing marriage after these very full years. (No seven-year-itch over here.. just maybe an itch for more babies with that darling man of mine.)
I am proud that after years of a busy photography business, I was able to take some time off to enjoy being at H-O-M-E with my little girls.
I am even more proud that being H-O-M-E taught me that’s right where I’m supposed to be.
I am proud that I feel fulfilled by being a mother and wife.
I am proud that at the ripe ol’ age of 27, I will be a mother of FOUR darling little ones. (four girls? we will see!)
I am proud that I have survived my 5th first trimester!!! That is reason to celebrate, I tell you what.
I am proud of myself – and my family – for making a change in our life to seek the Lord and follow His will.  We have been so blessed for this!
I am proud for writing as much as I can on this little blog of mine.  I love sharing my stories to look back on, and I especially love sharing them with y’all!
I am proud that I wrote this list, even though I feel very silly being so boastful.  But sometimes, you just gotta OWN IT, ya know?
I am proud that I OWN IT.

But I am very most proud of this right here:

Nothing better in the whole wide world.

(thank you ashley flowers photography)


we have each other

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the LDS Womens Conference which is broadcast to LDS stake centers (church buildings) everywhere.  I grabbed a bite to eat with a few of my closest friends and we headed to attend the conference together.  I can’t tell you how sweet of an experience this was to share with these dear friends of mine.  It was such a perfect way to spend the evening.  And as always, the conference was so moving and edifying.  There is just something about sitting in a room full of sisters of our church, knowing that all around the world we are connected as sisters in this way, listening to inspired messages of strong women and leaders of our church.  It’s an experience I can’t wait to share with my own girls. (When they turn 8, they will join me for this conference.)

Carol Mckonkie said, “One of our best blessings is that we are together, and we have each other.” In reference to us sisters.  I really loved this quote and have thought a lot about it ever since.  As women, competition and cattiness crowds our relationships with each other.  I have seen it plague the groups of friends I have had over the years.  If we could put all of that aside, all of our insecurities to rest, we truly are some of our own best blessings.

This got me thinking to a time not so many years ago.  I was kind of a mean girl.  (I hope that sentence surprises you.)  I hadn’t realized I was a mean girl at all, until I realized that I had been engaging in the same gossip and drama that mean girls do.  I had friends that were mean girls, and our connections were based on other people, things, or petty gossip.  It was a real rude awakening to me, and I immediately wanted to change.  I began looking at all the relationships I had in my life and the things that we talked about.  I started making improvements in making deeper, more purposeful connections.  I let relationships go that weren’t good for my life.  I started therapy to learn more about myself.  I gave up gossip for lent that year, which changed everything for me.  I intentionally changed my own dialogue and thoughts.

I am still working hard on this, and I always will be.  Insecurity creeps up in me sometimes and gives me unkind thoughts, but I am more aware of them and can quickly shoo them away.  I am also more keen to notice when a friend may not be the best suited friend for me, and that is quite alright.  I don’t need to be friends with everyone, and I certainly don’t need to be liked by everyone, and I’m not.  But the friends that I do have, and the people I surround myself with are the ones who keep my life moving forward and inspire me to do better, always.  They bring comic relief and strong support when I need it.  Our connections are based on talking about our ideas and sharing our hearts.  Those are the types of connections I’m interested in these days.  Life is too short to keep up with the jones’s!

So when Carol Mckonkie said “One of our best blessings is that we are together, and we have each other.” for maybe the first time in my life I could completely relate to what she was saying.  The women in my life, my sweet friends, my sisters of this world are one of my greatest blessings. We are together, and we have each other.


This weekend is our church’s general conference.  The leaders of our church talk about different topics of the world and give insight and guidance to us all.  It’s a really special weekend, and one that always serves me well.  I invite you to join our family in watching it this weekend! More info about general conference HERE and a viewing schedule HERE.




In the spring, we’ll have another little Miller babe to join the party.

We are so excited!

Just about 12 weeks and feeling pretty sickly, but my heart is so full it could burst.

(Thanks to Ashley Flowers Photography for this sweetest pic.  More of these next week!)