checking in

Harlo is currently into making her own videos on the ipads.  Each night Brady and I giggle as we watch them.  I know they will be treasures to us one day!

Stella is on a mission for tokens.  We have started a token system at the house (tokens earned by doing chores, good behavior, etc.) and the excitement has not worn off on Stella yet. She recently cashed all of them in on a new barbie purchased on amazon and asks everyday (I mean every minute) if it’s going to be delivered today.  Today she said “ordering online takes forrrrrrreverrrr!” Oh, I feel ya, girl.  I feel ya.

Grae refuses to take naps mostly this week.  5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.. she is begging to go to bed by 8.  I get NOTHING done.  Were you wondering if I got anything done today? Nope.  I didn’t.

Itty will only drink water if it’s fresh from the tap.  She will have a full bowl of water but if it’s more than an hour old, she will tap around her bowl until I pour it out and get it fresh.

I am happily running on baby kisses and caffeine fixes.  90% of the time I am at one with my life with the busy-ness and coziness around me.. the other 10% I am breathing into a brown paper bag repeating “I have three children.”

Bedtime is the ultimate trick on humanity.

Black nails make me oh so happy.

Harlo took about 100 pictures like this tonight…

They are currently making my life.

Hope you’re all having a good week!


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I blinked and I am suddenly driving to and from schools, signing papers, helping with home work, and volunteering in classrooms.

This season of life really snuck up on me.  It’s one that seemed so far off when I had my little babies at home, and now it’s already here.

One thing that surprises me often about the duties of motherhood is how much I enjoy the work.  It fulfills my soul.  I know it is good work and it feels so good to do.

The thought of forgetting things makes me anxious, and to think of a year of home work sounds daunting, and remembering school schedules seems overwhelming – but the act of the work is surprisingly fulfilling to me and I am grateful.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of waking up kids for school and feeding them breakfast.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of doing their hair in their preferred styles, sending them off to look in the mirror and waiting for that content smile.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of looking at them in my rear view mirror as I drive them to school, holding their hand as I walk them in and kissing them goodbye.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of picking them up, listening to their days, and checking the papers in their backpacks.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of delving out after school snacks, marking off chore charts and thinking of afternoon activities to accomplish.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of folding laundry and tucking it away in their drawers.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of preparing a meal for my family – with small helping hands – and sitting around the table to eat that very meal.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of filling bathtubs, washing hair, laying out pajamas.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of brushing teeth and hair, and sending them to bed.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment of listening to my husband reading bedtime stories.

I didn’t expect the fulfillment in listening to late night giggles.

I didn’t expect it, and I am oh so grateful.

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Stella is so cute | BB winner!

WINNER OF SWAG BAG IS: JESSENIA HUNSAKER! Congrats Jessenia! Email me to get your swag bag!


Stella started preschool this week.  Can you imagine how excited she is?  Even more than that! She loved her first day.  There is not a lot I can write about Stella to let you know how seriously cute and wonderful she is, so I decided to interview her instead.



What is your favorite color? “Pink!”

Who is your best friend? “Grae.”

What is your favorite thing to do?  “Chores.  Seriously.”

What is your favorite show? “Frozen.”

I meant your favorite TV show, what’s your favorite TV show? “I love watching Frozen on TV.  Seriously! It’s recorded!”

What’s your favorite way to wear your hair?  “Anna braids.”

What’s your favorite place to eat?  “The Goodie place.” (mongolian bbq)

What is your favorite treat? “Candy corn.”

Who is your favorite person?  “Mama”

How come I’m your favorite person?  “Because you’re cute.  Every single thing you wear is so cute.”

Where is your favorite place to go?  “Disneyland.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “A chore girl like you.” (hahahaha)

What is your favorite thing about yourself?  “My smile ’cause it’s cute.”

Are you excited about preschool this year? ” Yes!”

What are you most excited for about preschool? “Learning.  That’s a good answer, huh.”

Stella Johan Miller, do you know much I Love you? “The starlight much.”

How much do you love me?  “The earrings.  ALLLLL the earrings.”

Another note about her first day:

On the way to school she said “Mom, will someone tell me congratulations today?” I said “I guess they could say congratulations since it’s your first day of school.” (pause) “Mom, I don’t hear you telling me that.” “Oh! Congratulations on your first day of school, Stelly!” (content smile.)

Miss Rin said she walked right in then asked “Um, Miss Rin? Who are my friends?” She was happy to tell me she made TWO friends at school “Ave-uh-ree and Jel.. like Jell-O” (I later found out her name was JILL like Jillian.)

After I picked Stella up I noticed she was holding a water bottle which reminded me I forgot to send her with her special one from school. “Stelly! Your water! I’m sorry! I totally forgot!” and she whispered to me “It’s fine.  It’s totally totally fine.”

Stella is seriously the best.  Our family would be lost without her!

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front door makeover

Before we even moved into the house, I knew something had to be done with the front door.  It needed to make a statement.  And after years of renting, nothing says “we own this house” to me than a bold front door.  I had been dreaming of painting my own front door since I was 3 and my mom painted our front door a nice, bright shade of red! Bold front doors run in my blood.

So we moved in, had a baby and began deciding which shade we would paint it… Actually I would have liked to replace it all together, but realized I didn’t have a money tree growing in the backyard and I didn’t have an extra $3k to shell out on a great front door.  Painting it would be a much more cost-effective option.  After much thought, many trips to the paint store for more swatches, and multiple opinions later, I decided I had had it.  I woke up one morning, made a decision on a color, strapped my baby to my body and painted the door before my husband got home from work.  (Surprise, Mr. Miller!  You’re a good sport!)

As a creative person, I am really good at having ideas and REALLY bad at making decisions.  I will sit for months on paint swatches before I can make a decision.  MONTHS!  I drive myself crazy.  So for me to pull the trigger on the front door color was a big deal – and my goodness, it was a rewarding decision.


I consulted with my good friend, Google, on the best way to paint a front door before I began.  I chose the easiest way possible by cleaning the door really well, skipping over the priming step (because it was already white) and painting thin, even coats with a small sponge roller, letting each coat dry completely before starting another.  After 2 coats, I was pretty much done.  Just some small touch-ups and the door looked pretty much perfect. (HERE is a good tutorial for ya)


After the door was looking so rich and beautiful, I decided it would be a crying shame to put that bland old door knob back on.  I found that door knobs weren’t cheap, but after getting it on, so worth it!  It really made a difference in how the door looked.


So now our house looks as happy on the outside as it feels on the inside.  I love that!

A $15 quart of paint was all it took to give this door a totally new look.  $140 for a new deadbolt and door knob and I had a completely new front door!  The best part is, it was so easy that if I get sick of the blue, $15 and one morning of my time and I can have a new color of my choice. (But I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that bright, cheery blue!)  So if you are putting off painting your front door – STOP IT OUT! You will be so thrilled with yourself when you’re finished.

We have a lot of plans for the outside of this little home of ours, but the front door was a perfect first step.
(also note that this was soon after we moved in and we since have matching window treatments and a cleaned up yard. ;) )

And because I know you’re considering painting your front door teal now (it really is the happiest color to come home to!) the color is Valspar “Retro Chic”.  Have at it, sisters!

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